Bladder Infections & Pediatric Urology


We provide 60 minutes of live, video-chat Counseling with medically-trained and knowledgeable Healthy Elimination Counselors. Topics covered include the structure of the urinary and bowel system. We discuss normal bladder and bowel function, urinary incontinence, and normal toilet training. We will educate you on abnormal bladder and bowel function and discuss some of the causes and habits that can lead to bladder infections, day-time wetting, night-time wetting, constipation and stool accidents and urinary infections. Most importantly, we will work together to develop a complete, comprehensive, specific, customized and compassionate Plan to help eliminate problems and provide answers to promote a lifestyle of Healthy Elimination – our Healthy Elimination Program (HELP)!

We will then Follow-up and work with you over the course of a month to provide ongoing guidance and clarification and answer questions as you work with your child toward progress.

Our goal is to convert frustrated families and distraught, embarrassed children to knowledgeable, understanding families and happy, content, proud children with a lifetime of Healthy Elimination.

The total cost of Counseling, the Healthy Elimination Program and Follow-up for one month is $50.00. You may pay by secure Credit Card or PayPal transaction.